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ReVive, ReNew, ReYOU

My Day Away Women's RETREAT Spring 2021

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Are you ready for some "Me Time?"

Not the selfish kind of Me Time.

The kind of Me Time that transforms you and makes you

a better person from the inside out?



Connection, Me Time, Delicious Meals and Snacks, Laughter, Relaxation, Crafts, Classes, Inspiration, Sunset Experience, Guest Speakers, Art Projects . . .


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Are you ready for a RECHARGE?

 A day to RELAX and

be REWARDED for all you do?


Gather together with other women to

REJUVENATE your energy and

REVIVE your jive!


Saturday, May 8, 2021

Presented by ShadowLight Events

at Stone Gate

886 West 2600 North

Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

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Gift Tote & Fun Swag

Inspiring Classes

(i.e. Fashion, Art, Gardening, Relationships, Skin Care, Crafts, Personal Peace, etc.)

Guest Speaker

Delicious Lunch

Time to Relax and Breathe


'Charming Connections'

Reinventing the Willpower

Exquisite Dinner

World Class Dessert

Keynote Speaker

Sunset Experience

Live Entertainment

My Day Away Retreat

10am - 8pm, $99 ($250 Value)

Reserve your spot to Get Away before your spot is gone!


Do You Relate?

I'm hungry. I'm bored. Where are my clean socks? What's for dinner? 

Can you work this weekend?

What do you know about Trigonometric Functions?

Hello, I'm calling to schedule your mammogram.

Mommy, why are you still in the potty? I'm hungry.

Are you coming to bed?

Can I borrow seven eggs?

My mother's on the phone and she wants to talk to you.

My Zoom's not zooming.

Are you ever coming out of there?

I like being homeschooled!

 Your dog just threw up in my yard.

I need a hug.

Have you paid the power bill? We're out of milk. Your phone's still ringing.

Are you ever coming out of there?

I forgot to tell you, we're hosting my work party here tomorrow night!

Do we have a toilet plunger? . . . 

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