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Presenters for My Day Away Women's Retreat Spring 2021

Recommit to Choosing Joy - Morning Guest Speaker, Kyla Ford will guide you to a better understanding of how to feel light, love, and hope in the good times and the difficult times


Refashion Your Image - You’ll love yourself, your body and your wardrobe as you uncover your personal identity and discover your own unique style with Michelle Archibald


Reclaim Balance, Order and Joy - Pamela Henrie will share her powerful daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly routines that will help you become more productive, joyful and fulfilled


Rewire Your Brain for Optimal Joy - Explore the 5 ways to develop a happier, healthier and more resilient home, heart and head with Kelly Halverson


Reclaim Control to Free Yourself From Anxiety - Keith Crossley teaches you how you can choose your feelings in any situation


Reignite Your Financial Confidence - Discover money skills and solutions for a brighter future with Carolyn Blosil


Redesign Your Life Experience - Julia Bottita, will help you become the watcher of your own mind and you’ll learn to manage your thoughts for more positive results


Revitalize With Purpose - Linda Black has what you need to exchange your energy zappers for energy zingers as you weave breath, meditation, and mindful movement in your morning routine


Rediscover Snail Mail - Create a fun handmade card inspired by Shannon West and write encouraging messages to those who would love to hear from you


Rebalance Your Natural Beauty - Merrie Hudson will reveal her 5 Keys to Natural Beauty from the inside out 


Revivifying Your Sense of Creativity - Lynde Mott moves you through a journey taking delight in your imagination and discovering it is your most profound human birthright 


Recolor Your World - Angie Player gives you the basic elements of watercolor painting to create your own piece of art 


Refresh With Live Flowers- You’ll be showered with spring gardening tips, and you’ll get to take home your own plant


Rekindle Your Love Life - Add a splash of new ideas to recharge your date night calendar with Susan Glenn


Remember, You are Not Alone - Evening Keynote Speaker, Karen Eddington will send you off at the end of your retreat with skills to combat everyday pressures and you’ll have many good laughs about the struggles we are all facing

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