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Phenomenal women
Gra-Tea-Tude Experience

Breast Cancer Survivors & Friends - Gather, Celebrate, Support

Phenomenal Women is a community of strong, determined women who have come together to support one another on their journey with breast cancer. Our events are a celebration of our lives - a time to come together, share stories, and find comfort in one another. We believe that together, we can face anything. Join us for our next event and discover what the Phenomenal Women community is all about.

At our Gra-TEA-tude Events, you will find a safe and supportive space to connect with other survivors, hear from inspirational speakers, and indulge in delightful treats. Whether you’re a survivor yourself or supporting a loved one with breast cancer, we welcome you to join us and be a part of our community.

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The Gra-TEA-tude Experience:
Connect, Inspire, and Honor Breast Cancer Survivors

Saturday, October 7, 2023 - 11 am to 2 pm

Featuring the Healing Message of The Maypole

Our Story

Stone Gate Events is proud to have a team of remarkable breast cancer survivors whose personal experiences drive their dedication to helping others who share a similar journey. Our skilled team is committed to providing support and creating a community to celebrate life beyond cancer.

Faces of Courage

With one in eight women being diagnosed with breast cancer,

we are proud to help raise awareness and support this vital mission.

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